The October Update

Goodbye October!

Time flies when you are having fun and what a fun month it has been for us!

You might have already seen if you follow Kingless on Twitter/Facebook - But we received the first-ever pre-production model of Kingless at the start of the month (Actually, it missed the September update by a matter of days!). We are delighted to be able to share a couple of quick snaps of the externals of the box!

Unlike digital games, we can't send out a day 1 patch to fix any bugs or typos, so we have been vigorously checking, checking and checking again to make sure we have not missed anything! This PPC has been put through its paces!

We are currently in the process of taking some professional photos of the box and cards. As with everything we do, we want to make sure it is of the highest quality possible. Can't wait to share these with you all very soon!


We mentioned in the September update that we were joining the Neon City Daily team on their Developer Spotlight podcast. That's now live and you can check it out on your podcast player of choice.

Push the button!

We saved the best until the middle - A few days ago (the 23rd to be precise) - We pushed the big red button and manufacturing of Kingless has officially begun!

We don't have any further details on timelines just yet, but as soon as we do we will share these with you.


With manufacturing underway, we now have solid details on dimensions, weights etc. With this intel, we can start preparing our shipping surveys. We are using Backerkit to assist with this process, so it should be nice and simple for everyone to get their details locked in.

Expect these to be hitting your inboxes within the next couple of weeks. We will make a separate post on Kickstarter announcing when they go out. Just wanted to give you all a little heads up.

Flavours of Sebastian

Last month you had the pleasure of diving into the playlist of Nathan. This month it's all about me!

Dust off that Spotify account and indulge in a menagerie of tracks that tickle my synapses. Don't judge!


Have we mentioned Discord before? It's a great place to hang out and keep in touch with the Two19 team. Backers get their own special role (Just ask Blosy, he will help you out), with access to a private lounge.

We were also now Verified by Discord, so that's pretty exciting! ✅

Well, that's all folks!

We will see you all next month for another juicy round-up, but until then, keep safe and stop by and say hi 👋 on the socials!

Alex, Nathan and Sebastian.