The May 2021 Update

It’s been a fun month for us at Two19 – As some of you may have seen Kingless celebrated its first birthday!

We celebrated with some custom artwork, Egrunt enjoying himself in the Hammer & Crown as much as we were. Check it out!

How To Play Video

We felt it was about time we had a video tutorial for Kingless. I for one, much prefer having someone else teach me to play games rather than reading the rules. So, we enlisted the help of the amazing Tim Chuon at the Dice Tower for this feat. We think he nailed it. You can check out the video on the Dice Tower’s YouTube channel.


Bryan Greer from Game Brigade dropped an awesome review of Kingless – Head over the the Game Brigade YouTube channel.

Kingless Website

We built the current Kingless website before we launched on Kickstarter. We have come a long way since then, so we are taking some time to rebuild and spruice it up a little. Keep an eye on this space, we will have more info in the coming weeks!

Kingless is available on our store with worldwide delivery!

Speak to you all next month!