The July 2021 Update

Well, here we are again! Another month flown by means another update from the Two19 team. We are still here, working away! 


We hope you are enjoying our new series of character bio's but if you haven't yet then check our socials to learn a little more about some of our favorite characters from Kingless.


We are very excited to have moved into the friends and family stage of playtesting. It has been fantastic to once again pull back the curtain and show what we've been working on to our nearest and dearest. It goes without saying that testing the gameplay with more than our core 3 team members is essential for us to uphold the quality of the game. 

Geek Quiz

We were happy to sponsor the Hobart Games Society for their annual Geek Quiz. It was a wonderful evening with strong competition but we were lucky enough to take the first prize by a narrow margin. Second and third place got to take home their own copies of Kingless which no doubt took the sting off. 

Goodbye for July! Summer or winter. Remember to take care of yourselves and find time to do the things you enjoy. 


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