The August 2021 Update

A fresh new batch of updates

We have a fresh new batch of updates for August. Winter is on the way out and spring is so close I can almost touch it!

But, unlike the cold weather, innovation does not end here at Two19. We have been hard at work on many new [TOP SECRET] Projects.

Kingless Expansion

Last month Alex mentioned that we had moved into the friends and family stage of testing. This has been a really exciting time for me. We spend so long working on ideas and concepts behind closed doors, slowly getting to show them to more and more people is really exciting. Pretty nerve-wracking too...

With that being said, the play sessions have provided us with some extremely constructive feedback. Validation of ideas and reworks of others.

We are still deep down in the mechanics at the moment. Sparks are flying, paper tearing, dust everywhere! so I can't quite share more details at the moment. We hold ourselves to a very high level of quality and we don’t want to put anything out until it’s fully baked 🍪.

38 Countries 🌎

We hit a new milestone this week...

Kingless has now been shipped to 38 different countries around the world!

I think it's really important to celebrate these achievements. We are incredibly lucky to be able to continue growing Two19 and shipping Kingless.

Early access to our next character spotlight

Finally, (I'm going to be a big tease here) but we have some very exciting news we can't quite share yet. Keep an eye on our socials over the coming weeks for more on this...!

That’s a wrap on August! It might seem like a quiet month on the news front, but it’s not just the weather starting to heat up around here!

Take care and see you all in September!